Music for the masses

Pound Booking is dedicated to throwing incredible shows that are affordable, inclusive and mind-melting through a DIY philosophy

Pound Booking is a booking collective that brings the best talent, shows accessible to everyone and made for the artists by artists. The collective was founded by Leo Blumenfield in the SoCal DIY scene in 2019 and has since expanded to bring shows across the country working with hundreds of artists. The collective is currently focused on booking shows in SoCal and the East Coast, mainly New York City and Philadelphia. In the summer of 2022, the first music + arts festival was put on by Pound Booking, Nearly Robbed. The festival was thrown at a two stage warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles and included 20+ bands plus food, clothing and art vendors. The next festival is set to be at The Echo (Echopark, CA) in July 2023...

Pound Booking is always looking for the freshest talent from all over. Click on the form below to submit your music and if we are interested we will reach out about booking.

Please note, we are a small team and we get a lot of submissions. We will reach out if we are interested